Law question please assist

Bobo Tannenbaum is a New York resident on vacation in Florida. While driving on Interstate I95, Bobo’s cousin, Timmy Buttons, sends Bobo a fake news story about a Russian invasion of Maine. As Bobo looks down at his smartphone to read Timmy’s text, Bobo does not see the car in front of him making a lane change. As Bobo looks up from his smartphone, Bobo notices of the car making the lane change and swerves to avoid a collision and hits Barb Wire, a hitch hiker walking on the shoulder of I95. Barb suffers severe injuries. Barb is a resident of Florida. If Barb files a lawsuit against Bobo for negligence, what court would be the proper forum for her lawsuit? If federal court the proper forum? Why or why not? Is state court the proper forum, why or why not?

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