Law and Order

Provide a brief explanation of the accrediting or regulatory body you found in week 7: In all the accrediting agencies that offer quality health care, I choose the URAC. The utilization review accreditation commission. It has five highlighted areas of concern; the prescribed times are clear, drugs and patient interaction, the call centre is always performing, the laboratory accuracy and the sharing of the information are accurate (Osheroff, 2009). The reason as to why I choose this agency includes its service provision, the time that they consumer to serve a customer is as short as possible and with all the accuracy needed.

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What area of health care does the agency work in, what are their primary aims and what is its brief history?

Who accredits the accreditors? J ust think about that one for a moment. Mostly it is the government (state and federal) but are there other quasi-governmental agencies or groups?

What is the value of regulation and accreditation?

Does regulation help or hinder efficiency? Quality?

“Set out to right the world’s wrongs and you will inevitably add to them. The world is often too complicated for the rules we need to keep it ordered”