Laura Pulido’s notion of “differential racialization”

Using geographer Laura Pulido’s notion of “differential racialization” to describe “how each group is treated legally, socially and economically and can even determine life and death” (as discussed in Loyd and Mountz), analyze a one-course example of a migrant or refuge group that reflects the concept of differential racialization (i.e. Chinese transnational diaspora, Haitian refugees, Mexican migration, Central American refugees). Be sure to provide historical and geographical background to contextualize the migratory patterns and policies relevant to your chosen cause. write a 1-2 page paper, 12pt font, double-spaced. You must refer to at least 2-course readings and include and cite any other sources and materials you are using to make your argument. Please read 4 attachment (3 pdf files, and 1 docx file) carefully.

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