Latin 101

Translate the three sentences into Latin sentences.

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English Sentences:

1. Perpetual tyrants are not now able to bear the great words of free students.

2. We will always give glory to the books of free women.

3. Yesterday our friends were helping the farmers in the fields.

Here are some of the concepts that you will need to use to translate the above sentences into Latin:

  • First and second conjugation verbs in the present, imperfect, and future.
  • First conjugation nouns and adjectives
  • Second conjugation nouns and adjectives
  • The irregular verb possum. To understand this verb, it is important to memorize the verb sum as well.
  • Noun-adjective agreement
  • The subject of a verb
  • The direct object of a verb
  • The notion of “possession”, i.e. the case that indicates possession.
  • The indirect object of a verb
  • Prepositions
  • The object of a preposition