Kinesiology Homework Response

NOTE: ½ page is about 15-18 lines, single space, normal font, normal margins

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PART A: Stress, Stress Response and Coping with Stress:

  • 1.Sleep Hygiene – read the article on iLearn and reflect on your current sleeping habits and to improve your current “sleep hygiene habits” incorporate as many of the items on the list as you can. Document your thoughts and improvement strategies in paragraph form (3/4 to a page, single space) (10pts)
  • 2.Between the following Stress Management/Stress Reduction Tools pick 1 and practice it over a period of 3 days (Mindfulness, Body Scan, 4/7/8 Breath, or Energizing Breath). Describe your approach and report your progress over the three days (10pts)
  • Watch and write a 1 paragraph (1/4 page) reflection on: “It can Wait” – AT&T infomercial (5 pts)
  • Watch “The Truth about Alcohol” PBS Documentary. Write a ½ page reflection (8pts)
  • Watch the following Video: Simon Sinek: Why you don’t succeed. Write a ½ page reflection (8pts)
  • Read the Introduction and Discussion of the pdf titled “Sedentary Time Meta 2015.pdf” – a Meta-Analysis titled Sedentary Time and Its Association With Risk for Disease Incidence, Mortality, and Hospitalization in Adults – and write a ½ page summary of their findings in your own words (no “copy and paste” that would be plagiarism). (10 pts)

PART 2: Destructive Behaviors (video links on ilearn)

PART 3: Proper Posture and Body Awareness to minimize Stress

6. In class we discussed what proper body posture looks like and we “analyzed” each others posture. From what you learned in class and your posture analysis, describe how aware you are generally of your posture throughout the day, doing various activities and propose ways to further improve posture – whether is simply by reminding yourself of proper posture during certain activities, changing behaviors, like how you study, or even maybe through buying a new mattress or chair, or desk. (1/2 page minimum)- (9 pts)

PART 4: Exercise and Physical Activity