Japanese Cartoons/Culture Vs. American Cartoons/Culture

Below is an essay outline, and the prompt for the overall essay.

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– This requires to be 4-6 pages double spaced

– MLA format, (NOT ASA).

– Please make sure to be thorough and use detailed explanations to support ideas.

– Please make sure to list the sources you use, and cite them if you use them in body paragraphs.

Question: Explore the relationship between culture and popular forms of media. How do manga and anime in Japan and the US reflect the differences and similarities between the two societies?

1. Introduction

2. Body paragraph 1: Discuss about US culture and society, and how it is depicted in the media like cartoons and comics.

3. Body paragraph: Discuss about Japan and how it’s culture and society is depicted through it’s anime and manga.

4. Identify similarities and differences between the US and Japan

5: Conclusion

Be sure to be able to make connections, for example, compare and contrast between US and Japanese society as depicted through manga and anime. What about manga/anime vs. comics/cartoons mirror the differences and similarities between the Japan and the US. Areas to think about in terms of this comparison include economic, political, demographic, geographic, religious, historical conditions.