Ivy Tech Community Social Harm and Moral Crusades Prostitution Paper

2 pages double spaced

  • Research the social harm of prostitution and what critics have to say. Prepare a one-page paper discussing the pros and cons of the question whether prostitution causes social harm. What do you believe? Support your choice!
  • Research a group of moral crusaders of your choice. Prepare a one page response explaining why this group is a moral crusader. What are their goals and how are they trying to accomplish these goals? What are criticisms against this group?

THE PURPOSE: Explore the concepts of social harm and moral crusades in the context of public order crimes and society.

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THE PAPER: Here are the minimum requirements for this paper.

  • Cover page: in the following identifiers: Student’s name, Course Name, Assignment number and name, Instructor’s name, Date.
  • Header: single-spaced, aligned to the right.
  • Body of the paper: double-spaced.
  • Font: 12 point font, Times New Roman or Arial, black print.
  • Paper length: minimum length 2 pages (one page for each response).
  • Sources: cited both within the body of the paper and in a Works Cited page.
  • Must be uploaded into IvyLearn link as an attachment.