Its a Twelfth Grade English , English homework help

Please follow all the directions that is given to you and read the rubric. The both essays should 600 word essay.

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Part A

Who is to blame for the downfall of Macbeth?

As you consider this question, think about Macbeth as a tragic hero. Was he to blame for his own destruction, or did persons and/or events manipulate him and cause his end? Consider all who influenced and manipulated Macbeth. Consider the type of person he was and what his motivation was to act as he did. Who was the real cause of his problems? Discuss all aspects mentioned here as you seek to answer that question.

Written Essay Option

You may answer the question for Part A by writing a 600 word essay. You may research the issue from an outside source, but then be sure to include a proper MLA Works Cited page and in-line citation (see the appendix for more on these).

Part B: Essay

What attitudes or values did the authors have in their poems that express the theme “carpe diem”?

Choose two poems from the course that express the theme of “carpe diem.” With these poems as a starting point, talk about what “carpe diem” means and what attitudes and values the authors who wrote such poems express. Be sure to summarize each poem to clearly show the theme and discuss what this might say about the attitude of each author.