Issues in Data Management

After reading SETDA’s Transforming Data report and the SCORM Users guide, as well as viewing the SIF 101 video, answer each of the following prompts:

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  • What are the purposes of data standards and interoperability initiatives?
  • Why is it important to administer data and databases according to industry standards?
  • What is the difference between SCORM and SIF?
  • As an educational technology leader, how would you connect these data standards and interoperability initiatives with strategic planning?
  • Provide a practical example of an ethical issue related to the use of data standards and/or interoperability initiatives. How would you provide leadership in this example?

Briney Textbook, Chapter 1

1. Briney, K. (2015). Data management for researchers: Organize, maintain and share your data for research success. Exeter, UK: Pelagic Publishing., Chapter 1 pdf