Islamic art

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references (bibliography)

you can write about the culture of the art work or the era – or any relation between the objects

I attached 15 object each 5 have something in common.

Islamic Arts HAA 222

Research Paper


the assignment consists of TWO parts.


Go to the Art Institute of Chicago and study the exhibition on the Arts of Islam

(the information on opening hours, location, etc. is found at

). Analyze the exhibition: What types of objects are displayed? In what ways, if

any, do they relate to each other? Are the objects that are grouped together on

the walls or in each display case similar or different? What features and functions

unite these objects? What are your impressions of the exhibition? Summarize

your analysis of the exhibition in 200-400 words. Also staple your admission

ticket to the paper (as well as the notes that you took at the museum).


Now imagine that you are a curator of Islamic Arts in a major museum. You

would like to organize an exhibition on Islamic arts. You are so well connected in

the museum world that you can get any objects that you like for the exhibition

(keep in mind that buildings are not portable). Your museum has a space for

temporary exhibitions that consists of three halls. In creating your proposal, take

into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the Art Institute exhibition.

Browse the online museum exhibitions below and for further research consult the

bibliography of Bloom and Blair, Islamic Arts. Decide if you want to create a

general exhibition of the entire span of Islamic art, or a more specialized

exhibition on a topic that appeals to you, such as “Spirituality,” “Umayyad

Patronage,” “Luxury Arts,” “Calligraphy,” etc.

You are making an exhibition proposal to the Museum Director. For this you

need to do the following:

1. Outline the theme of the exhibition, how it appeals to you and how you

think it would appeal to the viewing public (no less than 200 words).

2. Provide the list of objects that you would like to have for this exhibition (no

less than 15 objects total – 5 per each hall). For each object, include an

explanation of its importance and relevance to your exhibition

(IMPORTANT: this should be done in your own words). Be sure to

discuss each object’s historical and cultural context and include an image

of the object (no more than 100 words per object).

3. Discuss how you would organize the objects in each of the three halls

(you should have at least five objects in each hall). What is the

overarching theme of each hall? Which objects would you put next to each

other? Why? Will you put objects together by function? By period? By

artistic media? (This narrative should be no less than 250 words total)

4. Provide explanatory texts for each of the halls (no less than 150 words for

each hall). Explain to the public the theme of each hall.

5. Use what you have learned to provide a justification of why this exhibition

should take place (no less than 150 words).

6. Provide a spiffy title for your exhibition.

7. Provide a bibliography of no less than 5 publications (academic books and

articles). PLEASE NOTE: Wikipedia does not constitute a proper

academic reference, DO NOT use it.

In your preparation you might also consider the following resources:

– Museum with No Frontiers:

– Browse the British Museum on-line collection of Islamic arts at: (explore their website with keyword –


– Browse the Louvre Museum on-line collection of Islamic arts at:


– Browse the Victoria and Albert Museum on-line collection of Islamic

arts at:…





– Freer Gallery on-line collection of Islamic arts at: