Is there a distinction between human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants?, essay help

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i prefer to write the title here so it will be hidden .

Title : Is there a distinction between human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants?

  • It is a critique essay .
  • My Professor guidance : In International Law, a distinction is made between human trafficking, involving the ‘exploitation for forced labour, sexual exploitation or other forms of exploitation’ and the smuggling of migrants which connotes ‘procurement, for financial or material gain, of the illegal entry into a country of which that individual is neither a citizen nor permanent resident’. However, this distinction is being increasingly challenged in the scholarly literature.

  • You should write a short academic essay in response to the question: Is there a distinction between human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants?  Your analysis should be a sustained reflection on the key elements of this scholarly debate drawing extensively on the academic literature, evaluating the detractions, merits and implications of the respective divergent arguments. As well as undertaking your own research, you should read and refer to the recommended and suggested reading outlined in the worksheets for Workshops One & Two in the module guide.( attached)

  • Required Reading will be attached for yourself  + other academic books as sources (my professor dislike online resources) .
  • 2000 words only !!!!!!

  • 0% plagiarism 
  • Harvard style of referencing .

  • 30 list of references (including what I have attached ). It must be based on a good piece of research , to show the professor that I understood what I have read. for example for each academic you should illustrate his clear view whether he thinks there is a distinction or no between the two.

  • I don’t want a factual answer explaining what is human trafficking and what’s smuggling .the  lecturer repeated many times and explained that I MUST build a strong argument . off course describing a bit ,what they are (add one summarized case law for each) ?( and the main question is there a distinction between them ????)( why do I think there is a distinction ???????????) <<<< you have to mention 

  • Illustrate different arguments between academics among who think there is a distinction and  who don’t? and My opinion should be backed up with citations  from academics to support my opinion!

  • In the conclusion , you should reach the point / proved your point whether there is a distinction or no ?

  • please AVOID repeating the same information , or bringing it up in another way , because it will have the same meaning no need to go over it again .

  • please follow my instructions please please please Read them carefully . if anything you did notunderstand please please write back to me before you start because am running out of time .