is sex selection ethical?


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the topic is argumentative, answer it as argumentative essay. if it’s ethical or not and why.

so please follow how i would want you to do it.

1. with this 5 references research article i will upload here, i want you to go through each of them and under each reference; write a short summary about them, how it is related to the topic ”is sex selection ethical?”, and finally on how it support your argument on the topic. please include the 5 references at the end. this should be just a one page. time new roman 12, 2.0 spacing. this one is due today, so i need the answer in less than 3hrs pls. as soon as possible. i will upload the 5 reference research article below.

2. i need you to write a research proposal on the topic i provided and also an outline of the research, i will upload the instructions regarding the outline and for the research proposal here. this one is due on the 21 of June. but please do not start this one until i notify you to start because there are other instructions the lecture will give us regarding the research proposal and the outline. please also include the 5 references in the bibliography of the research proposal and with other academic article references used. no plagiarism, please i want an excellent work done. where it says ”where did you find the source you used to support your claim” please include that the 5 reference i uploaded here are from library, then u can also find other sources from google scholar and few internet too. in the proposal instruction file, the question is located at the end.

i will upload the first instruction now, but wait until i say you should start working on it.

3. then the final research paper on the topic is due on the 10 of july, please i will notify you when to start. please also include the 5 references i provided in the bibliography of the final paper and including other academic article references from google scholar and few intenet. no plagirism because it will be checked on turnitin. and also use a simple english words and understandable sentences because am going to orally present the final research paper. i will upload instructions for this one below but please don’t start until i notify you. please i want an excellent work done.

thank you.