Is it wise to unplug for a summer, Assignment help

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  • Create three appropriate body paragraphs on the topic:Is it wise to unplug for a summer? A current topic being explored by some parents is to make children “unplug” for a summer, meaning eliminating the use of technology such as computers, televisions, etc., for the summer months. Is this a good idea given the over-dependence on technology? Alternatively, is it a poor decision given the many benefits of technology?  that support the introductory paragraph: Imagine a world without technology? Technology has become part of people’s lives so much to an extent that some people will turn to their phones, computers, television. Any second they are free or when they are eating, sleeping or driving. As much as technology helps overcome boredom there are health concerns about the use of technology. Also, people nowadays rarely have time to meet new people, spend family time together or travel to new places. This is caused by the unhealthy attachment to technology. This study paper proposes that it would be wise to unplug for a summer as this would help improve relationship and ensure kids, teens and adults are safe during the summer holiday from road users who communicate using their phones when driving. Also unplugging for a summer would ensure that people get enough sleep.        
    • At least one short, direct quote of no more than 1–2 sentences is needed in each paragraph.
    • Remember to use a signal phrase to introduce your quote, use quotation marks to indicate which words are being quoted, and use APA formatting to cite your quote.
    • Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion sentence.
    • Avoid first and second person language. First and second person language includes the following word forms: I, me, my, we, our, us, you, your, yourselves, etc.
    • Use a word processing program like MS Word or Open office to complete your writing. Be sure to utilize proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling as you have been studying.