Is it ethically incorrect for companies to utilize data analysis, business and finance homework help

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Research Question: Is it ethically incorrect for companies to utilize data analytics?

Examples: Data masking could be defeated to reveal personal information, Unethical actions based on interpretations, Discrimination, Data analytics not 100% accurate.

Research Papers are should be 8-10 double-spaced pages (body of paper not counting figures, graphics, or titles, tables of contents, etc.). Please use 12-point Time Roman, 1- inch margins, and otherwise follow APA 6.0 guidelines. The paper should include the following sections:

1. Title Page

2. Abstract (This is a 300-word or less summary of your paper, including the result. It is not an introduction)

3. Introduction Page 

4. Issue Identification (This is the most important item. The rest of your paper will be solving this problem.)

5. Issue Analysis / Develop Alternatives (This is sometimes referred to as the Literature Review. That’s because you’ll be citing examples you find in the literature to substantiate your problem and find things that have worked for other situations that could apply to your problem)

6. Evaluate Alternatives

7. Recommendation

8. Implementation Plan

9. Risks (include risks of doing as well as the risk of not taking the recommended course)

10. Conclusion

11. References must be in APA format and include a minimum of 5 references – at least 3 of them being from a “scholarly” journal or conference from a library resource such as Troy online library. Wikipedia and the textbook for the course are not acceptable references.

You will be turning your paper in to TurnItIn through Blackboard. You are allowed a TurnItIn similarity score of up to 20%, which means that found 20% duplication with previously written material in publications, on the internet, or from other student’s papers. Any duplication percentage over 20% will result in a one point reduction from your research case score. For example, a turnitin similarity score of 45% would equal a 25 point reduction from your score (45% – 20% = 25 point reduction). Be careful to make the research case your own by paraphrasing the articles you reference.