intro to logic inference rules

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Exercise 43 … (For-Credit of 10 points)

[43-1]  Explain the basic difference between the two subsets of inference rules.

Derive the conclusion from the given premises (for 4 exercises below).
(extracted mainly from textbook Exercise 4-8 and elsewhere)


  C:  ~B

  P1:  A & (B -> C)

  P2:  ~(C & A)



  C:  C

  P1:  (A & B)  V  (C & D)

  P2:  ~A



  C:  ~B

  P1:  (A & B) -> C

  P2:  A & ~C



(Hint: use Equiv to break P1, an equivalence, into a conjunction of 2 conditionals)

  C:  ~U

  P1:  (A & U) <-> ~R

  P2: ~(~R V ~A)