Internal Capabilities and Resources questions

Please answer with a minimum of 150 words each question.

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1.What is value? Why is it critical for the firm
to create value? How does it do so?

2.What are the differences between tangible and
intangible resources? Why is it important for decision makers to understand
these differences?

3.Are tangible resources more valuable for
creating capabilities than are intangible resources, or is the reverse true?

4.Who are competitors? How are competitive
rivalry, competitive behavior, and competitive dynamics defined in the

5.How do awareness, motivation, and ability affect
the firm’s competitive behavior?

6.What factors affect the likelihood a firm will
take a competitive action?

7.What competitive dynamics can be expected among
firms competing in slow-cycle markets? In fast-cycle markets? In standard-cycle

8.What is organizational structure and what
are organizational controls? What are the differences between strategic
controls and financial controls? What is the importance of these differences?

9.What does it mean to say that strategy and
structure have a reciprocal relationship?