Intercultural Context Health

For this assignment follow the instructions:

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Intercultural Context: HEALTH

What’s wrong with me?

In this activity, you will use the supernatural/magico/religious, Holistic, and biomedical/scientific to address various maladies. So much can be understood about our differences by knowing this information.

How would each of the traditions define the causes, symptoms, and treatments?

sore throat stomach pain headache depression

weight gain hair loss fatigue toothache

For example, how would each of the traditions explain the cause of back pain?

Supernatural/magico/religious – insulted or harmed a spirit, God’s will, a spell was cast on the victim
Holistic – imbalance in spirit, mind, and body
Biomedical/scientific – strain or other physical damage to the spine

What questions would each tradition ask?

Supernatural/magico/religious – What have you done recently that might have offended the spirits?
Holistic – Have you been doing, thinking, eating, and/or feeling differently than usual
Biomedical/scientific – What physical activities have you been engaging in that might havecaused the injury?

What solutions would each tradition offer?

Supernatural/magico/religious – appease the angry spirit, God, or witch through ceremonies offerings, or other activities Holistic – correct imbalances in life Biomedical/scientific – hot or cold pack, let the injury heal, or surgery

Although it isn’t necessary to discuss each ailment in huge detail, ANSWER THE QUESTION FOR EACH AILMENT. The idea is to get you thinking about how different health crises can be perceived.