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Activity 1: Family Genogram and Biographical Sketch.

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Who are you? Describe yourself briefly:

Conduct a family genogram showing relationships between family members

Share genrational differences of experiences and beliefs

Do different generations have different philosophies, values and ways of speaking?

In what context would you like to apply your family genogram to intercultural knowledge? Why?

Do you speak any other language (s) fluently? If so what are they? Have you lived in another country for more than 1 month?

Have you had any interesting intercultural experiences or culture shock traveling stories? Share a story:

What Is a Family History?

A family history is a record of a family and of the lives of family members. It is usually written as a book, and this lesson will give ideas and instructions on writing a family history book. But a family history can take many forms, including the following:

  • A record of your family with you as a child, containing recollections of your parents and other living ancestors.
  • A record of your family with you as a parent, containing recollections of your children and your other descendants.
  • A written history of an ancestor containing several generations of family information going back in time.
  • A n ancestral family history with a chapter for the couple you start with and additional chapters for each descendant family.
  • A collection of family traditions and their origins.
  • Newsletters.
  • Time capsules.
  • Family organization books.
  • Posters.
  • A genetic family history, which identifies specific physical traits (eye color, height, weight, complexion, and so on), causes of death, family illnesses.
  • Family recipe collections.
  • Heritage albums. More than a scrapbook; a heritage album is a record of the life of a family and includes photographs, documents, and so on.
  • A record of your findings and experiences as you begin with one ancestor and work backwards, a story of research and discoveries.

Why Create a Family History?

A family history can be a great blessing to you and to your posterity and those who come after you. You and they can learn from the events, thoughts, and growth in your life and in the lives of your ancestors, even from those things that may otherwise seem mundane. Among the reasons to create a family history are the following:

  • People want to know who they are and where they come from.
  • A family history can help you gain knowledge and appreciation for those who have gone before you, where and how they lived, why they made the choices they made, and how they shaped the family’s future.
  • It will help you gain greater understanding of yourself and how you fit in the overall picture of your family.
  • It will help preserve family stories for future generations.

You will never finish gathering family information or researching your ancestors, so don’t put off writing; you can always do a second volume to include new information you discover. Or you can do a binder of stories, which is easy to update.

Set a realistic time schedule. This will be a big project. Schedule enough time to gather information, organize it, and compile it into a finished format.

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