Influence of Social Media on Public Relations Research Proposal

My research topic is “Influence of Social Media on Public Relations”

This Research proposal consists of three sections:

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1. An Introduction to the project, which briefly states the purpose and significance of your study. ( it could be that my major is Public relationship, this research will helpful on my future career, and so on)

2. Research questions : (you can use the questions below)

How frequently do PR officers use social media?

Which are these social media sites they use?

Has social media enhanced the role of PR officials in organization settings and identity formation of organizations?

Has the use of social media in organization crisis been beneficial in information management?

How effective have social media platforms been?

How do organizations package information to be relayed on social media channels?

3. Methodology, which explains the design of your study, the specific methods chosen appropriate to the research topic and research questions, data collection strategies, and data analysis techniques. You need to justify decisions made at each stage of the research process. You also need to explain how cultural and ethical issues, if applicable, are addressed.

4. please consider in a particular context to be sound and valid.

5. APA referencing style is required. You need to cite at least 20 academic references from journals or books as scholarly support. In addition, you may cite from non-academic sources, where necessary.