​Individual Assignment II

Individual Assignment II: Personal Reflection

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This assignment is worth 10 points in total. The assignment should be 5-8 pages long (excluding peer evaluation), double-spaced using Time New Roman font 12, with 1-inch space margins.

Educational philosopher John Dewey once said “We do not learn from experience… We learn from reflecting on experience.” Thus, the purpose of this assignment is to reflect upon the experience we had throughout this semester, as a way to guide our future actions. Please answer the following questions:

Part I: Leading Self

Reflect on the personal goal that you identified in the first individual assignment at the beginning of the semester. To what extent did you achieve the goal? What strategies did you use, and how did they work? What factors contributed to the success or failure of the achievement of your goal? How will you implement the self-award and self-punish that you identified earlier? Did you have to change or update your goal because of the rapidly changing situation this semester?

Part II: Leading Others

Select one concept, idea, or practice that we have discussed during the semester that you experience in real life. What did/will you do differently as a result of learning the concept in class? What was/will be the impact or result of your action?

Part III Leading Teams:

Reflect on your experience in the team project. What did your team do well? What could have been done differently? What did you learn?

Part IV: Managing Change

This COVID-19 for the current spring 2020 semester presented a huge challenge for all of us. How did you react to the rapidly changing environment around you? What strategies did you use to stay centered and focused?

Grading will be based on the following factors:

1.Following instruction, addressing all required questions, and demonstrate understanding of key concepts

2.Quality of writing: use clear and convincing writing to express opinions and arguments and provide supporting evidence

3.Depth and insightfulness of self-exploration: identify meaningful areas of improvements and strategies to address them

4.Meaningfulness of developmental goals

i attach the team work and the specffic personal gaol for question 1

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