impact of governmental action on a business

Overview: In your role as vice president of governmental affairs, your boss, the business’s CEO, is considering retaining an outside consulting firm to
assist the company with a government issue that it is facing. Jack Harris is the president of that firm, which is called Crisis Consulting. Jack has told your
boss that he will not know if he can help until he learns more information about your company and the issue it faces. Your CEO has asked you to prepare
a memo that will provide a detailed overview of your company as well as the government action that is it facing.

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your company is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Address the following:

  1. Business Profile: Provide a brief profile of the business and the industry it occupies, including the business’s market share and competitors, as
    well as opportunities and threats facing the business and industry outside of the particular governmental action now facing the business.
  2. Governmental Action: Analyze the potential governmental action or political challenge that will affect the business in this particular situation.
  3. Organization and Teams: Describe the organization of the company, including divisions and project teams, and the manner in which the company
    has used these teams to respond to government regulations in the past.
  4. Stakeholders: Describe the company’s internal and external stakeholders. In your description, include the actions taken by the stakeholders to
    date to influence the political process and advocate for the business’s interests.
  5. Current Environment: Describe the current business environment, both financial and otherwise, including the initial reaction of the company to
    the situation and the initial position taken by political actors and other stakeholders.