Identify existing products/entrepreneurs

Identify existing products/entrepreneurs & make recommendations for more effective marketing in Rwanda. Minimum of 1250 words of single-spaced text.

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Identify and
describe a total of 4 products or services that are sold by at least 2
different small businesses in Rwanda that could be sold in
the U.S. These should be products that aren’t currently available in the U.S.
(or are unique versions or uses of such products). Discuss WHY they would have
a market in the U.S. Such reasons could include unique qualities of these
products that set them apart from similar products, or cost advantages that can
be clearly explained. Provide some brief background on these businesses and
make specific recommendations on how the products you’ve identified could be
more effectively marketed in the U.S. (Avoid broad generalizations like, “They
should use social media!” Be specific and explain why your ideas make sense.)