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How can one distinguish between an organizational weakness and a threat to the organization?


The organizational weakness is referred as the internal or negative factors which exist within the company. It is the characteristics which place the firm or the individual to be at disadvantage which is relative to the other people. There are efforts which are taken in the company for the detraction of the organization from the ability to reach the core goal and the ways in which they need to influence the growth. This is used as a tool of learning for the company. They need to be reduced or mitigated by the company. There are several issues which can typically arise in an organization (Gürel & Tat, 2017). These weaknesses need to be identified and controlled by the company. They also must be minimized and eliminated. The examples of the companies are the limited financial resources, higher costs of services and also reduced product line. These impact the companies and also cause the company to have poor marketing skills. These factors must be mitigated by the company. The next issue which the organization faces are the threats or the external negative factors of the company. These external elements of the company can likely cause the company to face trouble (Bull et al., 2016). These are beyond the control of the organization. They are seen to typically arise when the external conditions and the external environment are seen to jeopardize the reliability and also the profitability of the businesses. These includes the entry of the foreign competitors and also the introduction of the newer substitute products. The product life cycle decline and the general supply chain issues of the companies also needs to be mitigated and addressed in these situations. The changing aspects of consumer needs and the methods where the rival firms adopt to the newer strategies are addressed. There is also increase in the governmental regulation which needs to be mitigated by the companies.