I send you the 300 word essay I want you to make a correction on it

First thing I want you to do before making that correction I want you to read those chapters readings I send as an attachment. in order to untherstand the essay paper and to be able to make any correction perfectly you have to looks at those attachments.If you want there are 2 powerpoints that base on the 2 chaptersI can send to you that will help you understand quickly. Based on those chapters readings looks at the essay make sure all questions from letter a to b are answer perfectly. You can replace what ever phrases you thing that make any sense. and also make sure all paragraph are complete sentences.

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  • a) Provide a brief description of a criminal justice program in your community (West Palm Beach, Florida).
  • b) Discuss the mission and goals of the program, including the specific population served and list three possible outcomes this program may want to incorporate and assess.
  • c) Remember that outcomes should be measurable, relevant to the mission, and linked to the activities of the program.

Instruction: Each student must add to the discussion thread and include at least one reference to course content or peer reviewed journal. Postings must be meaningful and refer to the literature and assigned readings. In addition, this paper must be exactly 300 words no more than that.

You can add or quote a minimum of two (2) scholarly sources in this essay paper.

Appropriate scholarly sources include articles from academic journals, textbooks, (Required Reading).

However, an open-source websites (e.g., Wikipedia) are NOT suitable sources for the writing paper. The use of such sources will decrease your score.

Required Reading:

Vito, G. F. & Higgins, G. E. (2015). Practical Program Evaluation for Criminal Justice.

Waltham, MA: Elsevier.

American Psychological Association. (2009). Publication Manual of the Psychological

Association. (6th ed.). Washington DC: American Psychological Association.

Assignments must be written and typed following the guidelines in the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA manual), and must be written at college level, with good sentence structure and good syntax. Students must also adhere to the professional guidelines for the use of copyrighted literature and commercially produced materials, as well as materials generated by colleagues and friends and information collected from conferences and presentations.