I need help with my writing assignment about observation

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Assignment :

You and a partner are to observe a male and female
conversing for ten minutes. Take copious notes on the observation, paying
attention to body language (i.e., the way they are sitting, the way they move
their legs, hands, and torso) and their facial expressions. The purpose of this
assignment is not to capture them in time like a picture, but to show the
ongoing interaction like a movie.

There is to be NO
dialogue at all.
You are strictly observing expressions and gestures.


1) State where you. (Community of Discourse)

2) State who are your participants (roughly their age, sex,
race or ethnicity).

3) What you observed. This section should be rich with
description and avoid interpretation.

For example)

Mary crosses her legs toward Jim and smiles in such a way that slightly shows
her teeth,

Mary looked happy because she was smiling and I could tell they were on a date.

Structure: memo


To: smith

From: (your name)


Subject: Observation

Community of Discourse: The first floor of the Student
Center at Morgan State University

Participants: Mary (you can make up names for them) is an
African American woman between the ages of 18 and 21. Jimmy is an Anglo
American man between the ages of 18 and 21. Both attend Morgan State
University, so it can be assumed that they have a high school diploma or some

Observation: This is where you give a detailed account of
your observations.