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***Instructions: Answer each question to its entirety, minimum word count for entire assignment is 1000 (not each question). The required in-text citation and reference is the attached file, please review before proceeding with the assignment. Here is the reference for it: Ferrell, O., Hirt, G., & Ferrell, L. (2009). Business in a Changing World. (7th ed.) pg. XX. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin. (Please input page number even for APA). Use other scholarly articles as well, minimum total reference is 3, to include what I provided for you. No PLAGIARISM and let me know if you have any concerns. Thank you!

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The Container Store’s Secret to Success: Employee Satisfaction (page 284-285)

1. Name some of the hygiene factors of The Container store.

2. Name some of the ways that The Container Store motivates its employees.

3. Do you believe Tindell’s statement that highly satisfied employees will lead to highly satisfied customers and shareholders?

4. CEO Kip Tindell wants to make some changes in job design. He believes tools such as flexible scheduling strategies and job enrichment will increase employee satisfaction. He asked you to advise him on which type of job design strategies would be appropriate for an organization like The Container Store.