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Reaping the benefits of the Integration projects by the managers Difficulties with the existing approach:

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• As in many large organization where the business cases rely highly on the information technology, our Qualcomm company’s IT infrastructure effects from independently developed special purpose applications. • Though the company had developed home based approach to handle the challenges by point to point integration through hand coding between the different systems and the databases, the limitations of these approach were begin to show their face in years.


• The managers of the Qualcomm realized that they can cut the cost of point to point integration– development, support and maintenance by getting a product with all the needed capabilities. • Additionally they were also interested in providing a service oriented with operting systems and needed technologies that lies under the application. • This leads to the implementation of the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) with TIBCO EAI software. • The new implementation of SOA was carefully planned and structured by the managers. • Inititally the managers took needed time to implement the new architechture which defines how the applications and the databases can be integrated by showing them as a service.

Business Benefits:

• One of the major benefit is real time sharing of the data. For instance, one of the integration ventures under SOA is undertaken so that the sales representatives now can access the CRM application that is already existing through his smartphones, which will let them to work remote places and at the same time they can be still connected and up to date. • Other benefit comprises the integration of data management application with its legacy manufacturing system and its ERP package. This leads to reduction in time hours to time while adding new functions and features to the network devices. As a result customer satisfaction now went up very high.

Evaluation of Integration projects:

• Evaluation of the Integration projects is based on the how the projects work and the performance of the system. • Evaluation of the projects involves testing, performance and customer feedback mechanism. • This is quite similar to the evaluation of the IT projects. Thus the evaluation of these integration projects can be related to the IT projects.