I believe individualism vs collectivism relates because there is a connection with the younger generation, Communications Assignment Homework help

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[Claim] I personally believe that the paired continuum that is relevant to the rice terrace LEGATO case is individualism vs collectivism. The reason why I believe individualism vs collectivism relates is because there is a connection with the younger generation of the are more focused on making money and working in the tourist town of Banaue rather than working on the rice terraces with the older generation. Mr. Maximo, who is a local farmer for the rice terraces, expressed to the narrator of the video that he is afraid that his “generation is the last to take care of the rice terraces.”

[Definition] The world view continuum that I chose was individualism vs collectivism. Individualism is a preference for independence and self reliance. Human rights and personal responsibilities fall into individualism. Collectivism means to be faithful to a group and to not see yourself as an individual, but more as a part of the group, a team player.

[Example] The reason why I believe that individualism vs collectivism relate to this case, is because I feel like the younger generation is related to the individualism. In contrast, I feel like the older generation is related to collectivism. The town Infugao and the rice terraces have been around for more than a thousand years. The older generation’s main focus is on the terraces, which need a lot of maintenance to keep up. Mr. Maximo, who is 65 years old and has worked on the terrace’s all his life , is afraid that the him and the rest of the residence his generation are the last to truly care and appreciate the rice terraces. In the video Mr. Maximo states, “the terraces feed us for only six months.” Because the rice fields are becoming less existent and only provides for six months, Mr. Maximo’s wife and children have to find work to support the family. The older generation believes/thinks as a group. They understand/agree the rice terraces are extremely important and are highly valued.

The younger generation relates to individualism because they aren’t relating to the older generation by not relating to the importance and value of the terraces. The world is becoming more expensive and the younger generation believes the only real way they can survive is to have a job that pays. In Banaue, there is a lot of tourism and the younger generation can make more money working driving tourist around than working on the terraces. A man names Dennis in the LEGATO video is a tricycle driver for the town Banaue. He states, “before, I only earned about three-hundred US dollars per year from farming. We can’t live on this amount. When I drive for tourist, I can earn about fifteen to twenty dollars per-day.”

[Explanation] What I believe needs to happen is that schools should be taught about the terraces and their importance in their heritage (if they don’t already.) I also think the older teenagers who are about to finish school should be required to partake in managing the terraces for at least a year. I believe if students understand and get a feel for the work put into the terraces, then some students may decide to stay and work on the rice terraces, rather than jumping the gun to move to a touristy town to make a living

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