Human services

As a human services professional, you will witness many client challenges that, on the surface, seem insurmountable. In your role as an advocate, resource, and
role model, you will be in a position of having to help clients find creative approaches to solving problems. You will also have an ethical responsibility to try to
effect change on a larger scale. For this final project, you will create a slide presentation to raise awareness about a barrier to treatment experienced by many of
your clients. This project will help you to start thinking about client issues at a community and policy level while demonstrating leadership, compassion, and
advocacy to your clients. This milestone assignment is where you will introduce and explain the effect of the problem in the problem scenario below (from the
Final Project Document):
You have just finished meeting with your client, Mary, to review her treatment plan and discuss why she has been missing appointments at your agency.
Referring to the state-funded transportation program, Better Transportation Company (BTC), Mary stated, “BTC just don’t show up or I have to wait and
sometimes I miss the appointment.” “Sometimes I have to wait for hours to get a ride back home.” “They even forgot me last week.” “You know, back in
my younger days, I would have picketed the state house and shown them a thing or two!” “I love the drivers though; they are kind, help me with my
bags and walker, and are always polite and respectful.”
Mary has few financial resources and significant mental health needs and physical disabilities. Mary is also finding it difficult to pay for alternative
transportation or to rely on friends and family, though they are sometimes available. The therapist has recommended that Mary come to treatment
group three times per week. Mary has only been able to attend three groups in the past two months. She states she would be willing to come to the
therapy groups if she could find reliable transportation. For Mary, attending these groups would likely mean greater medical and mental health stability
and therefore fewer emergency room visits, fewer hospital admissions, and a greater quality of life.
As a human services professional, you already understand that Mary is facing a very real, personal, and difficult problem that may be challenging to
remedy quickly. You also know from your experience with other clients that transportation is a systemic issue and not one unique to Mary.
Because you have a friend who works at BTC, you have been able to arrange for an opportunity to present your concerns to the company.
The information that you identify in this short paper will help you create your slide presentation for your final project submission.
In your assignment, specifically address the following critical elements:

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I. Introduction

a. Provide an overview statement that introduces the problem. What is your client’s specific complain? Who does she feel is responsible for the
challenges she is experiencing? Be sure to maintain your client’s confidentiality as you explain.

b. Specifically, what effect is this problem having on your client’s ability to be treated by your agency? Use the details of your client’s story and the
information you have received from other clients as examples to substantiate your claims.

Share only the information that is legally and ethically
appropriate to deliver your message without compromising client confidentiality.
Include citations if you reference outside materials in your response.

Guidelines for Submission: Your short paper needs to be 1 to 2 pages in length, typed with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins,
and APA citations.