Human Capital and the Organization

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All publicly traded organizations are required to file an annual report, called a Form 10-K, with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These forms provide information such as the company’s mission statement, history, executive officers and their executive compensation, and various financial statements. Form 10-Ks are required to be made public and, as such, are easily accessible via Internet searches. A quick search will find 10-Ks for organizations such as Google, the Coca-Cola Company, or the Target Corporation.

Think about a publicly traded organization in an industry that you are employed in or in which you are interested. Either by conducting an Internet search or by using the “Public Company Search” feature located at…, locate the 10-K of an organization of your choice.

If you decide to use the organization you selected in Week 1, proceed to the Discussion below. If you have chosen to identify a new organization, follow the steps below, then proceed to the Discussion:

  • First, run a search for your company by name, being sure to select the region of the world in which it operates from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the correct company from the list of results; you will be taken to a company Snapshot page.
  • The company’s SEC filings, including its 10-K, can be found either at the bottom of the Snapshot page beneath the organization’s details or on the Financials tab at the SEC Filings link.
  • Examine the sections of the 10-K detailing the organization’s mission, its executive board, its employees, and its successes and risk factors.

For this Discussion, you will then:

  • Describe and evaluate the role that you believe human capital plays in this organization.
  • Appraise whether the organization’s success at achieving its mission is at all related to the core competencies of the workforce and how it manages its human capital.
  • Based on the company’s self-assessment of risks, do you think this organization could make any changes to its HR strategy in order to become more successful or to mitigate potential risks?