How do drugs work in the body?, assignment help

Topic 3: Getting Down to Action- how do Drugs Act in the Body word Limit 350 words

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Mr E. Reodab is a 54-year-old IT company executive with low back pain. Mr Reodab has taken some medications over the last few years in an attempt to ease his back pain. He takes the aspirin occasionally, and if the pain keeps him awake, he makes valerian help him sleep. He was previously taking diazepam by prescription for his insomnia, but his doctor insisted he no longer take that medication. He loves coffee, particularly a double espresso (caffeine), which he consumes 10-15 times a day to keep him going with his hectic schedule. He has serious concerns about his sister who is critically ill with heart failure and is being treated with digoxin.

  1. For each of the drugs given in this scenario, classify the protein type that the drug acts on. 
  2. For each of the medications, outline the mechanism of action and explain how this helps to treat the condition for which it is taken.

Please include APA 6th Edition refrences