How Art Means

Write a short paragraph about this artwork from Earl Lu Gallery exhibition, try to articulate what it means to you. Research the processes and purposes, the subject matter, choice and uses of the medium, aspects of form, and contexts to form a considered response.

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(300-350 words)

Description of the exhibition: “Most People were Silent” (by Sim Chi Yin) is an exhibition composed of photographs taken in the vicinity of nuclear sites in North Korea and the United States of America. Collective titled Fallout, the series was commissioned in 2017 by Oslo’s Nobel Peace Center and has been reconfigured for LASALLE’s ICA Singapore.

The exhibition exposed the seemingly dormant threat of the nuclear, between and beyond the genres of documentary and landscape photography. Sim’s camera reveals the visible and invisible borders of nuclear warheads, captures objects that have been exposed to nuclear radiation, and allows unusual access to classified spaces.

Description of the artwork (files): Inside an anti-ballistic missile defense radar facility in North Dakota, designed to detect and intercept nuclear warheads and Soviet missiles.

Choice of uses medium: Digital print on Hahnemule paper mounted on aluminium composite panel (106.7 x 160 cm)