How a Body is Acting Upon:The Intersection of Race, Gender,Sexuality, and Performance (5 PAGES)


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Write a 5-Page Essay about a scene in Paris is Burning or Venus Boyz(refer to as “exhibit”) in which you make an original argument. Engage the ideas of Judith Pamela Butler and Susan Sontag and use the interaction between them as a lens through which to better understand your exhibit and develop and/or complicate your own original ideas.Also Refer to “Disidentification” By Judith Butler


-Use the introduction to vividly describe and distill your exhibit and pose a fruitful question about it

-Introduce and Integrate your sources and set up a conversation.The sources can be used to establish the motive, provide key terms, support your claim, or argue with other interpretations

-Create an original argument that is rich and complex

-Craft strong topic and transition sentences to make reader based prose

-Establish a motive

-Use evidence fairly and persuasively

-Have cohesion and coherence in your prose on the sentence, paragraph, and essay level.