research methodology 11

I have a follow up to an assignment you helped me with…..

Here it is

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Now that you’ve submitted your research topic, research question/s, and your communication theory, it’s time to think in-depth about you plan on answering your research questions. This is called your research methodology. You will be sharing your research methodology during your final presentation.

Let’s think back to the example I provided you all for the project:

Topic: Representations of the “Absentee Father” in Love and Hip Hop: New York
Research Question (you can have more than one):
RQ1: How is the African American male portrayed in Love and Hip Hop: New York season six?
RQ2: What specific characteristics or inter-episode trends and themes emerge in Love and Hip Hop: New York?
Theory (Find the list of theories under the Lesson 3 Module): Critical race theory

To answer RQ1 and RQ2, my research methodology is as follows:

I will conduct a critical discourse analysis (an analysis of discourse) on Love and Hip Hop: New York season six. There are 13 episodes in total for this season. However, the 13th episode in a reunion episode, therefore, I only be conducted my analysis on the first 12 episodes. Since my research topic focuses on African American mean, I only analyzed the discourse of the five African American male cast members on the show: Papoose, Mendeecees, Peter Gunz, DJ Self, and Rich Dollaz.

In my research methodology, you’ll notice that I did not just simply say that I watched Love and Hip Hop: New York to conducted my research. I told you exactly which season was watched, which episode was excluded, what type of information (discourse not visuals) that I focused on, and from whom.

Now it is time for you to submit your own research methodology. Then I will give you feedback to move forward as I did when you submitted your topic and questions.

I will attatch the paper you wrote so you know what the assignment should represent.