leadership 167

Vision Statement and Board

There are two parts to this part of the project:
• Create a vision statement for yourself; then

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• Create a vision board that emulates your vision statement. • 15 Points

What is a vision statement?
A vision statement focuses on a desired, or ideal, state. It indicates the future and should be ambitious — yet realistic, well articulated and measurable. A vision statement is an inspirational description of what you hope to accomplish in the end when you succeed in implementing your strategies and achieve your full potential.
When writing your personal leadership development vision statement you may wish to address the following questions: Does it represent challenging, yet realistic outcomes? Is it inspiring and energizing? Does it communicate its essential message directly and succinctly? Does it provide you with a clear sense of what type of leader you want to become? Write a vision statement describing your future leadership abilities.
Some thoughts to help you create your vision board/collage:

1. Brainstorm on a piece of paper what you would like to accomplish in the future.

2. Talk about and write down values that you hold in pursuing that vision.

3. Determine a time frame for completion of the pursuit.

4. Think about the following questions: a. What will success look like? b. What role do you want to play? c. What do you want to change or make different?

5. Draw/create a picture of success. (if you do a hard copy, take a picture to drop box).

6. Share this picture with your significant other or close friend or family member.

FOR PART 2: create a minimum of a 11×17 collage of what your vision LOOKS like. You can draw it, you can use magazines, you can use pictures – whatever you want to create. You can create this electronically as well, but it must use pictures. It must ‘look’ like your vision for yourself. Please drop box your vision board electronically into the drop box. For those of you who are doing a “hard copy”, please take a photo and drop box that instead.

If you have never seen a vision board, Google “personal visions boards” and you’ll find some great examples. Quotes are ok but should not make up the majority of your vision board. Really take some time to create something you would at least keep up and in view for the next six months.