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Florence Nightingale was not only a pioneer but driving force of what we know today a modern nursing. In the scope of things Florence Nightingale had the capacity and idea to take down notes(charting), collecting data regarding the conditions of the soldiers were enduring the Crimean War. All of the information that was gathered Florence changed practices on how soldiers were to be taken care of and thus reducing the rate of mortality, that today we call evidence based practice. As with many things, nursing has evolved throughout its conception in response to the changes that are occurring in today’s society. As nurses became more educated and become prominent professionals,journals were created to solely focused on nursing research. According to Houser ” In 1986, the National Center for Research for Nursing was created within the National Institute of Health and later became the National Institute of Nursing Research in 1993′(2018, p 7). Nurses have prominent roles in leading these researches as they gain experience from the bedside, patients, colleagues, etc.

Research is considered to be based on trying to gather information through ideas, knowledge and confirming that knowledge based on a scientific theory. In research,data collected needs to be inspected and analyzed. Research takes an scientific approach in validating the date. While Evidence Based Practice comes from research, the information used is to improve patient outcomes via evidence. In Evidence Based that information needs to be deciphered and then implemented in clinical decisions. At times the evidence may come from experts of the field not from research. “Whereas research is about developing new knowledge, EBP involves innovation in terms of finding and translating the best evidence into clinical practice”(Conner, 2014). We could not have Evidence Based Practice without the support of the research done in order to enhance in how nurses care for their patients and patients outcomes.

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Throughout history people have been treated inhumanely for the sake of science. These acts that were discussed in our textbooks are all bothersome. The Tuskegee Study, the “subjects” were not informed the true nature of the study but also medications were withheld. This lack of care not only put these men’s lives in jeopardy but also the lives of their wives and unborn children. As a patient advocate, we have to stand up for our patients when something is not right. Patient have to treated with respect and have to be given autonomy in order to make their own decisions. Beneficence is huge as the intention should always be to do no harm and Justice provides that all should have fair treatment. Full disclosure of the study needs to be provided in order for the participants to give full consent. ” The manner in which the research is conducted should not compromise the dignity and well-being of the subjects, and it should avoid the historical pitfalls of unethical research”( Mandal, Acharya & Parija, 2011). Everyone deserves the right to be treated with dignity and respect.


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