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PART I(45)

Choose three of the following and write a paragraph defining the term and explaining its historical significance. A strong identification will define basic information about the term (who, what, when, where, why) AND, importantly, indicate its significance in early American history .

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Limited Monarchy

George Whitefield

Cherokee and the deerskin trade

PART II (55)

Your essay should answer the prompt in full, bringing together material from

primary sources, textbook, lectures, and films. It must include at least four specific examples drawn from lectures as well as the assigned readings in Give Me Liberty and Voices of Freedom. In general, the more historical context and use of primary source references, the better.

The Revolutionary War emerged within the late colonial period amid Enlightenment discussions on natural rights, representation, and the common good. Explain how social, political, and economic events and ideas lead to the outbreak of war from 1763 to 1776.

The essay should be at least 4 pages long, MLA Format w/ cite sheet at the end.

If you Don’t have the text book Give Me Liberty and Voices of Freedom, let me know Ill take some pics for you.