mid course reflection 1

My class need a reflection about what to learn from the course.

I will upload the e-book and class notes.

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We already go over the chapter 1 to 10.

But the class mainly focus on the lecture notes.

Here is my background you can consider to add in the reflection:

I am an international student from China, have less work experience. English is not my native language. I am a little bit afraid to talk in the public place, and I am always nervous when I am talking because I am afraid to talk any mistake. But from this course, this is about the speech class, we had already have 2 presentation, the first one is prompt presentation. I never had this kind of presentation before, you can talk a little bit of my feeling….. of this part. And the second presentation is elevator pitch, like talk little about myself. The comment from the professor is I need speak more loudly and need practice more enunciation.

BUT, I think I improve a lot, cause from the class activity, I tried to talk more. And i didn’t very nervous like before………..and……..(you can add more)

I will upload the reflection requirement, class syllabus, ebook, lecture notes.

Thank you!