systems engineering and integration 7

Project Description

This project will be based on the design and analysis of an original system of your choice. Your system must either be a new system that has not been implemented before or is a modification/improvement of an existing system. Your project should focus on the end-to-end solution of a problem.

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– my project title is ( TELEMEDICINE ).

– on these two files i already did ( Spring Paper 1, Scope Template)/

– in the IT518- System Requirements Template project 3 file has the further work.(which you must complete it.

– i need it looks an organize whole work which means your work complete the previous work.

– if you need other pages from the book , please let me know.

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my professor question is


Developing well-designed, tested, functional and reliable systems depends on a number of different processes. Today, producing and maintaining large systems is a task that is almost exclusively performed by teams of people. Not surprisingly, a significant portion of success in such projects does not strictly depend on technical abilities alone but on a number of other factors such as proper design, planning, estimation, people communication, activity coordination, project scope management, etc. This project will provide you the opportunity to experience and deal with almost every possible facet of the systems engineering process. Good Luck!!