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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

Preparation of a clinical nurse leader (CNL) educationally is quite extensive. A minimum of a master’s degree is needed with a major in nursing. Those who graduate and meet the criteria become eligible for the CNL certification examination (AACN, n.d). This is mandatory because of the extensive level of knowledge, clinical skills and competence to patient care in order to be a valuable resource to the health care team. The role of the CNL is to collaborate with an interdisciplinary team in the health care environment. They are engaged in improving quality strategies and outcomes related to evidence based practice. They provide leadership beyond acute care and in all settings. They are able to assess risks, collect and evaluate a patient’s outcomes and use their knowledge to make changes to the care plan if needed (AACN, n.d). The CNL has the ability to perform patient care in complex cases. Their goal is to ensure the patient is receiving the most recent evidence based practices and for the best possible outcome.

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The CNL influences direct patient care by various settings because their role was made in response to improving quality of care and patient safety. While CNLs have a shared goal with every other healthcare worker in providing the best and safest care possible to their patients and clients they serve, they are also the final piece of the clinical puzzle to achieving them. As we continue to see their numbers grow and more of their successes reported, we will also see that they are indeed the guardians of quality care.


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