english essay 189

-I attached the thesis proposal for my essay.

– This essay will require you to read, analyze and utilize multiple texts as well as use your own experience with the subject in order to develop a clear and well-supported argument.

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– Prompt: Your goal is to analyze both your own approach and history with reading and writing

(Narative) and reflect on the things you have learned or plan to incorporate from the two sources

you have chosen (Response).

– The two reading are attached, I chose: “Why I Write” by George Orwell and “How to Get Your Green Card in America” by Sarah Thankam Mathews.

– 3-4 pages

Successful essays will include:

1. Introduction (including a hook, background information, and your thesis)

2. Body paragraphs (including specific examples from the texts you chose as

well as your narrative and analysis of outside sources)

3. Somewhere, either in your background information of your Introduction or

the body paragraph where you discuss your sources, academic summaries of

both sources you have chosen.

4. Conclusion


You may choose to end your essay with a reflection on how your

relationship with words has changed because of the knowledge gained

from the sources you have chosen.