philosophy case study write the case details and chose 2 theories that suitable for the case 1

CASE: Google-arab

You should say which 2 theories (2 of the 7 ethical theories) you think should be used for you chosen case. Give sentences saying why. Each of you should also say what you think the COMPARISON should say and why, you can also make suggestions for parts of the ARGUMENTS

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CAUTION 1: In choosing 2 theories, you want theories that give interesting contrast. The 2 theories should have different ethical outcomes for your case, that’s our goal. Rarely, this isn’t possible, but you should aim for 2 different outcomes.


For you reference Theories notes are attached. first page is the 7 ethical theories. Rights, or Utilitarianism, or Kant, or Justice, or Rawls, or Virtues, or Caring.

Half page or shorter is enough for this part, but if you want write longer it is fine.



write the CASE DETAILS, CASE DETAILS should be about 1 page -Be sure to follow the outline. Can have bullets, And The link I give is not the case, the link I give is a pointer to a case. A case is an actual event. You must always, always do more research.


Chronology of events of case

Principal people involved

Those most responsible

Results Those affected by results

—-CASE DETAILS example attached.