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Privacy & Personal Information 

The privacy of personal information, and of health information in particular, continues to be a dynamic issue in the United States. As more and more health information is computerized, healthcare consumers express concern about their privacy and that they are losing control over their personal health information.

Click here to access the section of the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) website devoted to health privacy. CDT is, by the way, a champion of online civil liberties and human rights and is dedicated to keeping the Internet open and free. Review the insights, posts, and press releases posted in CDT’s health privacy section and respond to the following:

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  • How has the law protecting health information impacted access to healthcare information? 
  • According to the insights, posts, and press releases posted on the site, how successful has the law been at protecting health information? 
  • Is there more work left to be done or are there other areas of concern, now that the law is in place? If so, what are these? 
  • According to the insights, posts, and press releases posted on the site, has the law had any unforeseen, negative consequences? If so, what are these? 
  • In your opinion, what direction should future efforts to protect health information take? 

Support your answers with references, examples, and clearly written rationales.