​Historical Landmark Project

Historical Landmark Project

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Social Studies Project for the Third Trimester

All over the United States there are places set aside to remember people and events that have helped to shape our country. Those places are known as National Historic Landmarks. You are going to (1) choose one of those landmarks, (2) research it, (3) write a report about it, (4) construct an exhibit of it, and (5) present your exhibit and research findings to the class. This project will be counted heavily in your Social Studies grade for the 3rd trimester.

Select a Landmark to Research

It is a 5th grader level project.

This is my Landmark: Jefferson Memorial (Washington D.C.)

I need the project to be in power Point presentation.

Step 1: Choose a Landmark

There is a list of 50 National Historic Landmarks attached to these instructions. With the help of your parents, use the list to help you decide which landmark you would like to research. Remember that some of the sites have great deal of information to research, while it may be difficult to find information on others. Since no two people in the class will research the same project, you must select alternatives and prioritize them. Select your top 5 choices and put them in priority order at the bottom of the page. Bring the page with you tomorrow. A random list of students will be created, and those who are selected first will get their first choice.

Step 2: Research the Landmark

Find information on the landmark on the Internet, at the library, on videos, or from people who have visited the site. You must have at least 3 sources of information. Take notes on the information you find. Don’t forget to write down any information you will need for your bibliography. You will want to find out about:

  • The history behind the landmark
  • The people involved
  • The building of the landmark
  • Any interesting stories connected with the landmark and its history
  • The connection of this landmark to American history
  • A description of the landmark
  • Be typed on a computer:
  • Have a cover page which includes
  • Be a minimum of 2 full pages and no more than 5 full pages (not including the cover page or bibliography)
  • Be written in paragraphs
  • Be in your own words. Plagiarism is against the law!
  • Have correct grammar and spelling
  • Have a page containing a hand-drawn map of the state the landmark is in
  • Include a bibliography with at least 3 entries
  • Include pictures of the landmark
  • Be in a report folder
  • The base of the exhibit must be no larger than 12” x 18”. (It can cover no more than half of your desktop.)
  • There must be some kind of sign on the exhibit.
  • Try to make your exhibit look as much like the original as possible.
  • Show the class your exhibit and explain how you created it.
  • Share what you found out about the landmark.
  • What event(s) does it commemorate?
  • Details and dates
  • Who does the landmark honor?
  • Who were the people involved in building it?
  • Cost of the landmark
  • Length of time it took to build
  • When it was built
  • Stories about the building of it
  • Stories about the event(s) or people it commemorates
  • Why was this place or person so important that a landmark was dedicated?
  • Where is it?
  • What is it made of?
  • How big is it?

Step 3: Write a Report About the Landmark

Once you have done the research and taken notes, compile those notes into a report. Your report must:

  • Font: Times
  • Font Size: 14
  • Double-spaced
  • Margins set at 1 inch on all four sides
  • The name of the landmark
  • Your name
  • “Third Trimester Social Studies Project”
  • Do not copy from a web site and paste it into a document.
  • Write from your notes, not from your source.
  • Use the Spelling and Grammar checker
  • Also have someone proof read and edit
  • Map must be in color
  • Map must show the location of the landmark and the state’s capital
  • Pictures do not count as part of the 2 to 5 pages.
  • Original artwork will be worth more points than printed or copied pictures.
  • It is best to have a cover with a clear front
  • A plastic sleeve (sheet protector) is not acceptable

Step 4: Construct an Exhibit of the Landmark

Be creative! Use your imagination to build an exhibit that is a replica of your landmark. You may use any kind of materials you wish. Just remember to follow these guidelines:

  • The sign should be done on a computer (Try using WordArt).
  • The sign can be no larger than 3” x 5”.
  • The sign must have the name of the landmark.
  • The sign must have the city and state where the landmark is located.

Step 5: Present the Exhibit and Research to the Class.

you will present your work to the class. In your presentation you will:

  • Give the history including dates and people involved.
  • Share any interesting information about the landmark.