HGMT 322-Discussion 1

Once you posted your initial discussion, respond to TWO (2) of your fellow classmates’ responses. In responding, either constructively expand on their statement or add discuss an additional advantage or disadvantage. (Try not to repeat the same advantage or disadvantages that others have already posted)

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Choose only ONE (1) of the following options below to discuss. Include question with your response.

1. You just started your new job as a Health Services Manager at a local hospital. The CEO wants your opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of various third-party reimbursement arrangements with respect to revenues and provider incentives. Pick one of the reimbursement arrangements discussed in this week’s reading, explain how it works, and discuss ONE advantage and ONE disadvantage.

2. You are working to develop a business plan for a new business. You are trying to determine the best organizational structure to use. Of course, the legal structure you pick will depend on the nature of your new company (e.g. who owns it, the number of owners, liability, etc). Pick one of the legal organizational structures discussed in this week’s reading and state ONE advantage and ONE disadvantage of the structure for your new firm. Be sure to identify the characteristics of your new firm (e.g hospital, physician practice, outpatient center, etc.).

Make sure you are properly citing your source(s) and providing your reference(s) for the information you obtain from another source. Please review the Discussion Expectations and Grading posting if you have any questions regarding answering the discussion question and/or responding to your peers.