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DEALS ONE -6 I NEED Sunday night but they are all only a few sentences a piece….ok cool.This the first one. JUST NEED 1 short PARAGRAPH FOR EACH RESPONSE. So three paragraphs total. I NEED THIS ONE BY LATE MORNING Sat but the others later on. respond to the following short answer prompt: Imagine you are a lead social science researcher and are responsible for approving students’ proposed research studies. Review the three sample proposals below and provide brief feedback to summarize any ethical concerns you have related to each of the proposals, based on what you know about ethical codes and expectations in the social sciences.

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  1. Proposal 1: Racial Predisposition – The aim of this study is to examine the direct link between race and violent criminal activity. In this study, I plan to prove the direct and positive correlation between race and incidence of committing violent crimes. This will then prove that race is the strongest indicator of tendency toward violent crimes.
  1. Proposal 2: Electroshock Therapy – In this study, I will examine the effect of electroshock therapy on undesirable behavior in human subjects. This study will administer electrical shocks to human subjects as a disciplinary measure when undesirable behavior is observed. The goal of the study is to determine whether the electroshock therapy is a suitable treatment for resolving disciplinary issues in preteens and adolescents. If this therapy is found to be effective, it will be prescribed to resolve disciplinary issues in preteens and adolescents.
  1. Proposal 3: Health Problems, Diet, and Socioeconomic Status – This study aims to examine the relationship between health problems (diabetes, heart disease, and obesity), diet, and socioeconomic status. It is proposed that people of lower socioeconomic status are more likely to encounter these problems. Research will be conducted on human subjects where data are collected on diet (the types of food consumed along with money spent on food), and this will be related to the overall health of individuals in the study. The results and findings of this research will be published publicly so others can see the risks of consuming cheap, low-quality food.

THIS IS THE SECOND DEAL. I NEED THIS LATE Sunday night.THIS ALSO IS ONLY A FEW SENTENCES BASED ON THE FOUR ADS. Diaderm Anti-Wrinkle CREAM AD.. Infusium 23 AD. Hair Products Revlon AD. Charlie Corega Denture Bond AD FOUR ADS TOTAL. BASICALLY ANSWER QUESTIONS FOR EACH AD. A FEW SENTENCES. OK COOL. Question how individuals are represented in the ads. In your template, ask questions about the individuals in the ads that social scientists might ask. For instance, you might ask why a person in the ad is standing outside the larger group, or why individuals are depicted in certainways. II. Question how groups and group behavior are represented in the advertisements. ask questions about groups/group interactions that social scientists might ask. For instance, you might ask why the women are grouped together separately from the men, or why the group seems to have very little diversity. III. Question how different cultures and cultural identity are represented in the advertisements. In your template, ask questions about the cultures and cultural identities in the ads that social scientists might ask. , you might ask why people who look to be of the same ethnic background are wearing similar clothing, or what certain symbols or interactions may mean related to culture. IV. Notate how the advertisements compare and contrast to each other. For instance, do you see any commonalities or significant differences among interactions between the ads? What might these commonalities or differences say about human interactions? V. Pose questions a social scientist might be interested in, based on your observations of the advertisements. For instance, what larger questions about human interactions might they ask? For this, you may build on your comparisons, concentrate on a theme or trend you noticed throughout the ads, or develop a follow-up question related to a particularly interesting ad.

Ad 1:

Ad 2:

Ad 3:

Ad 4:

1. Question(s) related to how individuals are represented in the ads

2. Questions related to how groups and group behavior are represented in the ad

3. Questions related to how culture and cultural identity are represented (or not represented) in the ad

4. How do the ads compare to each other?

5. What overall observations might a social scientist be interested in studying in relation to the themes present in these advertisements?

What larger questions about human interactions might they ask?

  1. THIRD deal…THIS ONLY NEEDS A FEW SENTENCES FOR THE TWO PROMPTS.Provide an example of an implicit and an explicit bias. The examples may be from your own life, from something you have observed, or from the resources reviewed in this learning block.
  2. Why is it important to understand these biases? How can these biases influence human behavior?

4RD DEAL.. THIS DEAL NEEDS 1 PAGE..THESE ARE THE ADS Diaderm Anti-Wrinkle CREAM AD.. Infusium 23 AD. Hair Products Revlon AD. Charlie Corega Denture Bond AD FOUR ADS TOTAL In your initial post, include a link or attachment with your chosen ads, and describe your emotions as you watched/viewed them. Address the following questions in your initial post: What about the advertisements made you curious, shocked, or interested in taking a closer look? How did the ads appeal (or not appeal) to your identity as an individual or as a part of the larger society and culture to draw your interest?

5TH DEAL..THIS IS ALSO ONLY JUST A FEW SENTENCES. What sort of cultural or social forces impact how we think and behave? Describe an example of a behavior that is impacted by socialization and cultural influences. How do things like media and advertising impact our understanding of how we should act or behave in a culture or group? A FEW SENTENCES FOR EACH QUESTION.OK COOL!

6TH DEAL. This also only just a few sentences or more for each box..Using the three different representations of marriage presented in the learning block (polyandry, arranged marriages, and walking marriages), fill in the graphic organizer below. In Part A, you will have to first identify the biases you have regarding marriage and their influence on your perspective of marriage. In Part B, you will then take an objective stance and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these types of marriage. In Part C, you will create a question a social scientist might ask to further the investigation of marriage.

  • In this first step, do your best to identify three of your biases on marriage due to your culture and religion. The American culture and legal system generally allow only one type of marriage. What type of bias does this embed in us? The religions that people belong to and practice can also impact their biases toward marriage, depending on how their chosen religion defines marriage. How does this influence your perspective of marriage in general? How does this bias influence your perspective on these specific types of marriage?


Bias 1:

Bias 2:

Bias 3:

Influence of the Biases

  • While it is impossible to “check our culture and biases at the door” and become totally objective, we can identify our biases (as you have already done above) and try to ignore them in order to consider other points of view. In this next step, take a culturally relativistic standpoint (in other words, try to overcome your biases) and consider the tenets of each type of marriage. Why might these other forms of marriage be more successful or advantageous in certain contexts than the Western concept of marriage (based on love and monogamy)? Then, from that same culturally relativistic standpoint, also consider some possible drawbacks to these forms of marriage.
  • Create a question: In this learning block, you were given a lot of information about marriage and what marriage means in different cultures. You were also asked to think about what marriage means to you. The next step is to take the information you have been given and create a question a social scientist might ask to further the investigation of marriage. For example, after reading about arranged marriages, you might ask: Are rates of depression higher in women in arranged marriages? Social scientists use existing information to come up with new questions. This is the iterative process of social science research.

Type of Marriage




Arranged Marriages

Walking Marriages

7TH DEAL..USE THE SAME FOUR ADS… 1-2 page or more if you want is coolDevelop questions about fundamental aspects of human behavior that inform personal assumptions, beliefs and values using evidence from the social sciences Prompt. use that information to write an observation journal that will ask you to draw conclusions from the ads and, eventually, devise a social science question that you might like to investigate. The critical elements of this assessment will be evaluated in your observation journal. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed I. Explain why you chose these advertisements for social scientific and personal study. For instance, what aspects of them intrigued you and made you curious? II. Explain the assumptions and observations about human interactions and behaviors you made about the advertisements. These are some questions you might want to consider in your explanation: a. Who do you believe the audiences for the ads might be? b. What messages do you think the ads are sending? c. What do you think the nature of the relationship is between or among the people in theads? d. What relationship(s) do you see between or among the people and the product or service being advertised? e. How effective are the ads in influencing your own consumer decisions? III. Identify topics in this course that are relevant to the human behaviors in your advertisements and explain how they are relevant. This is your social science evidence for your observations. For instance, what ideas and people have you studied so far that apply to your observations? IV. Taking all of your observations and objective conclusions about human behavior in your advertisements into account, assume the role of a social scientist. What question would you ask about the advertisements that you, as a social scientist, could seek to answer? What observations and objective conclusions lead you to this question

8TH DEAL..this is also only a few sentences.. respond to the following using information from this learning block in combination with your own experience. Describe, in two to three sentences each, how you think using social media and the internet has influenced each of the following topics.

  • You as an individual
  • The study of social science
  • Larger society

9th deal.. this also is only a few sentences…Reflect on the concepts presented in the video and overview and the example of a growing body of research as captured in the article review of facebook research in the social sciences video…How does social science inquiry advance and evolve over time?

  • Why is it important that our understanding of social science concepts continue to develop and expand?
  • Then, consider the questions in the journal from deal seven above,How could others build upon this question through additional research or follow-up questions?

10th deal.. this is only 2 paragraphs long…reflect on what you consider to be some of the most significant developments covered in this theme (for example, discoveries, changes in thinking, or research advances), and address the following:

  • Identify the developments and how they impact individuals or larger groups/cultures.
  • Describe how the developments changed society’s understanding. How is the development applicable outside of the social sciences?

11th deal.. this is also only a few sentences…6 sentences..choose a current social movement. Occupy Wall Street movement, Black Lives Matter movement, use that one. That’s cool
While you might have not heard of the specific organizations involved in the movements, you have likely heard of issues raised by participants in these movements. Answer the following questions about the movement you have selected in one to two sentences each.

  • Which social movement did you choose, and what interests you about the movement?
  • How have you learned about this social movement (news articles, social media, social commentary, conversation with others, television news)?
  • What is the “big question” or inquiry that the movement is trying to answer?
  • What do you think has caused the movement to gain or lose momentum? How does this movement either directly or indirectly impact your day-to-day life? For example, if you are looking at the environmental movement, maybe you were directly impacted by a tax break for purchasing a new Prius or putting new energy-efficient windows in your home.

12th deal but also only a few sentences and I don’t even need this for at least 5 days… this is a chart like deal six above. first select a point and counterpoint issue of interest to examine. select (vaccinating children… top box questions. Supporters of [insert the selected issue here] What group(s) in American society does the perspective appeal to? What organizations promote the perspective? What are the biases in the perspective? Does the perspective appeal to you? Why or why not? What objective evidence is used to support the perspective?