hecore can you translate these also because i didnt have enough space my first hmw

Section3.  (This must be in a command form)

1. Make sure you go see your doctor first for recommendation!  2. Always follow directions for your own safety! 3. Before weight lifting, you should stretched and warmup!   4. Never skip breakfast because your body needs nutrition!  5. Don’t lift more than what your body can handle! 6. Be persistent and never give up!


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section 4

I want to give all of you information that will help to understand the importance of weight lifting. It’s necessary that everyone stays fit and healthy. If I were an overweight person, I would do it because it can help a person to lose weight. I don’t doubt that you would love weight lifting. The doctor recommends that everyone take some kind of action towards staying healthy. It is possible that you could lose weight while gaining muscle. It’s unlikely that you could not reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and posture problems while weight lifting. I hope that I had convinced all of you to join me in weight lifting and to take control by staying healthy.