Health Informatics

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the importance of informatics and evolving trends in personalized or precision medicine.

Create a 10-slide presentation (not including the title and reference slides) with speaker notes to your clinical staff discussing the following:

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1. Discuss the role of personalized or precision medicine and the advantages and disadvantages of personalized or precision medicine in the delivery of health care.

2. Discuss how the fields of personalized or precision medicine and informatics have mutually affected one another.

3. Discuss the importance of creating personalized or precision medicine applications that collect accurate data and how those data are communicated to various locations and providers.

4. Describe how personalized or precision medicine supports the aging population and population heath.

5. Describe current gaps and challenges in personalized or precision medicine and informatics. How could the future of health informatics evolve over time to respond to those gaps?

Please provide a minimum of 6 references (scholarly sources) with in-text citation.

Speaker notes should total to at least 2 pages single spacing