Health Cultural Case Study Essay

This is a 3 part Essay, part 1 includes essay response style to questions from the german case study, part 2 includes Irish case study ,part 3 compare and contrast. Please include scholarly references a least and must be APA format. Avoid using “I” frequently. 1500-2000

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Questions repsonses should flow into the next question


Study Questions

1. What experiences have you had with patients of German descent?

2. How does Margaret’s German ancestry mold her beliefs about medical


3. What Western medicine concepts complicate the staff and family’s

understanding of Margaret’s self-prescribed medical regimen?

4. How do you, as a health-care professional, feel about the use of

homeopathic remedies?

5. What is your view of the use of medical intuitionists and other non

Western health practices?

6. How do Margaret’s health-care choices differ or match your own?

7. How do you deal with cultural health practices unlike your own?

8. Discuss Margaret’s desire to control her life even through terminal illness.

9. Relate Margaret’s strong spiritual beliefs in an afterlife to her ability to

cope with her impending death.

10. Describe a plan of care that is culturally sensitive to the patient and her


11. How can your knowledge of the German American culture positively

influence health outcomes for Margaret?

12. Discuss the cultural filters you may use as you assist Margaret in her

health-care decisions.

13. Describe the enculturation you, as a health-care professional, have

experienced and how this influences your own health-care decisions.


Study Questions

1.Describe the O’Rourke family structure in terms of individual roles.

2. Identify two potential health problems related to the O’Rourke’s dietary practices.

3. Identify potential health-risk factors for the O’Rourkes as a family unit and for each

family member.

4.Explain the relationship between risk factors and ethnicity specific to the O’Rourke

family and their Irish heritage.

5.Describe culturally competent health-promotion strategies for the identified risk

factors for the O’Rourke family.

6. Describe the O’Rourke family’s fertility practices. Are they congruent with their

Irish background and religious beliefs?

7.Describe the O’Rourke family’s communication patterns.

8.What are the predominant health conditions among Irish immigrants?

9.Explain the significance of the Great Potato Famine for Irish Americans.

10. Name two genetic diseases common among Irish Americans.

11. Identify accepted fertility practices for Irish American Catholics.

12. Identify three sources of strength for the Irish American in times of illness.

13. Identify traditional home remedies commonly used by Irish Americans.