Health Class Experience, health and medical assignment help

I need 5 paragraph well written essay about my experience in health class, only one page or one page and half. and here is the instructions.

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what you learned about the social determinants of health (elaborate on
each social determinant) and the links between health and behaviors.
Please share what you learned through your research paper and what if
anything you will do differently as a result of what you learned. What
was your biggest takeaway this semester? Reflect on the ABCsof Life, name three situations or people who you want to create a new experience for. If you could take this course again what would you do differently.

this is an essay….it must be well written, thoughtful, grammar and spelling counts.

and please don’t plagiarize and If you want to use sources or references use your own words.

# I attached my research papers, If you want to use it.

# please make the essay simple and easy to understand.